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Etete – et’ Aesthetic School First Class

For the skin that has been exposed to toxic elements, our active ingredient polustop assists in creating a protective film around it offering protection and feeding the skin with V5 vitamin, Jeju Basalt and helping to create a clear glowing skin.

Special day, special day Face to body Start a one-day care program with esthetic high-content ampoules. The v5 activator meets the whitening double-action ampoule and the lotion formulation is changed into an essence formulation Patented container helps skin absorption.

Contents of configuration

Phyto Therapy > V5 Activator> A Class Power-Lifting Ampoule or B Class Pore-Tightening Ampoule 

<step 1> et’1 Phyto Therapy 2g 

et’1 Phyto therapy is made with licorice, gold, green tea, spirulina extract Asiatic knotweed extracts and natural oriental medicine elements. All these ingredients help nurture the skin that has been exposed to not only fine dust but other pollutants and toxic elements. It is hypo- allergenic and contains PHA that eliminates unnecessary dead skin cells and toxins, leaving the skin well-moisturized and radiant.

<step 2> et’2 V5 Activator 0.32g

et’2 V5 Activator retains skin moisture and at the same time it provides abundant moisture leaving the dry skin moist and glowing. It also leaves the skin tissue revitalized, prevents oxidation and accumulation of peroxide due to sunlight whereas stimulates the production collagen.

<step 3 . A or B> et’ A Class Power-Lifting Ampoule 10ml

It contains the patented ingredient the focus vesiculosus extract, Asiatic selfheal extract that adds vitality to the tired skin, the liveliness and vitality of the skin is obtained through ceramides that reach the deepest areas of the skin for a moisturizing boost. Jeju Basalt ingredients help to absorb the ampoules. *[Whitening & wrinkle-improving dual functional cosmetics]

<step 3 . A or B> et’s B Class Pore-Tightening Ampoule 10ml

It contains extracts of evening primrose, pueraria, pine needles and other. With the its patented ingredients, protecting the skin from active oxygen, helping to care for pores, renewing the skin, delivering a soft and clear skin, Jeju Basalt ingredients help to absorb the ampoules. *[Whitening & wrinkle-improving dual functional cosmetics]

You can buy A ampoule B ampoule for your skin. I will explain each ampoule.

How to use


Let's learn how to program esthetic care

  1. After washing your face, make sure there is no water left. Apply et’1 Phyto therapy thoroughly on the skin avoiding the eyes and mouth area. Massage for 30seconds and rinse in warm water.
  2. Open the bottom of the container, and separate with the Ampoule Cap. And place et’2 V5 Activator inside, then close tightly.                                 
  3. On the top of the container/bottle you will find the labels et’s A Class Power-Lifting Ampoule or et’ B Class Pore-Tightening Ampoule. Turn the Ampoule to the right. Let the Ampoule come through and get mixed with the power. Shake for 30 seconds.
  4. Check if the dosage comes out on the back of your hand and proceed to massage both sides of your chin, slight tap and massage. Apply avoiding eyes and mouth area. After the massage, press on the neckline, breast, legs lymph lines and massage to absorb.

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