BKSU nature of Jeju Island

“BKSU creatively designs the natural energy of Jeju Island and transfers it to you.”

BKSU products are made with the affection and heart of a dad who loves his daughter.

"Unable to keep seeing suffering from dry skin all over the body after birth of our daughter, we were searching and finally settled on Jeju Island to creatively refine horse oil and use natural ingredients of the clean island to develop and produce BKSU products with “a dad’s affection and heart.”
The agricultural corporation BKSU Inc. promotes new ideas in designing nature on Jeju Island based on trust in “Products and Clients.”
BKSU has developed new and creative products 
with high  technology and clean raw ingredients that reduce skin irritation and raises customer satisfaction.

BKSU products are especially designed to treat kids skin problems.   
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