Abib Creme Coating mask Cooling Solution 1 unit


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A flower is born from a single seed pushing against all elements to result in elegant beauty.
Abib is a word deriving from the Hebrew word 'a grain'; signifying the beginning.
Our dedication is to perfection and purity in our products.
The renewal in the pursuit of beauty.

Contains: 5 masks

How to use

1. Open the case containing the lower part of the mask and carefully remove the film from the back side of mask.
2. Hold the upper end of the lower mask and apply the flimless side on the face aligning with mouth.
3. Open the case contianing the upper mask and remove the film from the back side of the mask.
4. Hold the upper end of the upper part of the mask and apply the filmless side on the face aligining with eyes, nose, and forehead.
5. Lightly press areas around cheeks, forehead, and smile line to smooth out any creases.
6. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, then remove the mask and gently massage in any remaining residue.

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