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Eye cream for entire face containing collagen, similar to human collagen, micro-sized into 1/300 of the pores for skin deep anti-ageing effect.

12 ml / 30 ml


  • Ultra micro formulating method has been applied to this deep nourishing eye cream to break down the formula into 1/300 size of the pore for better, faster absorption.
  • The hydrolyzed collagen fulfills the skin firmness and bioxinoid, the exclusive antioxidant ingredient of AHC, improves the skin. 
  • Anti aging effect by 55 Clinically tests

Skin Type

  • All Skin Type

Skin Concern

Key Ingredient

  • 25 Peptides
  • Collagen, similar to human collagen
  • Bioxinoid

    How to Use 

    • Eye treatment
    1. After morning and night cleansing, prime skin with toner.
    2. Dispense an appropriate amount of Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face and lightly spread and tap around the eye area until absorbed.
    • Facial treatment
    1. After morning and night cleansing, as the last step of skincare routine dispense an appropriate amount of Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face
    2. Evenly apply over entire face and lightly tap until absorbed.

    Usage Tip

    1. Soothing Care

      Apply this method to sensitized skin. After priming skin with soother, apply Private Real Eye Cream for Face.
      Apply a thick layer of eye cream over entire face before bed to wake up to nourished and healthy skin.

    2. Blending Synergy Care

      Blend with AHC ampoules for more dramatic results.

    3. Night Care
      Applying this product thickly before going to sleep and It helps to make your skin healthier and smoother.

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