AHC Brilliant Gold Skin Care Set (3 ITEMS)


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Prestige Gold Skin Care with premium ingredients for firming, brightening and healthy looking


  • AHC BRILLIANT GOLD Toner 140 ml
    A prestige gold toner with beautiful gold leaves to add an exquisite, luxurious touch for bright, vibrant skin
  • AHC BRILLIANT GOLD Essence 60ml
    A prestige gold essence containing gold capsules to help the skin nourish, firm and moisturize
  • AHC BRILLIANT GOLD Cream 50 ml

    A prestige gold cream helps the skin to treat elasticity and provide enough nutrients

  • AHC BRILLIANT GOLD Eye Cream 5 ml * 2
    A prestige gold eye cream that firms up and brightens the sensitive, delicate skin around the eyes

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