DEWYTREE 3 Step Aqua Black Mask

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Product Description

DEWYTREE A 3-step cleansing and hydrating facial treatment,

  • Helps absorb impurities while whitening skin & smoothing wrinkles
  • Skin appears clearer, more elastic, radiant, refreshed & healthier looking
  • Aqua Foam cleansing + Aqua refreshing activator Ampoule + Masks are all in one
  • Moisturizing + Whitening + Anti Wrinkle function, Multi functional masks

Step 1: Aqua refreshing cleansing foam-Creates fine creamy bubbles to deeply cleanse pore impurities.

Step 2: Activator ampoule-Contains hyaluronic acid and propolis extract to provide natural protection and moisture.

Step 3: Refreshing black mask-Features a cotton sheet with charcoal coating marine collagen and Jeju sea weed extract helps absorb impurities while whitening skin and smoothing wrinkles skin appears clearer more elastic radiant refreshed and healthier looking.


DEWYTREE is the brand providing the clinically proven “Nature Recipe” that heals our tired and exhausted skin through our nature.
  •  Made with the precious and fresh ingredients from the nature.
  •  Made through the delicate process of the nature, resembling how the drops of morning dew shape the moist wood.
  •  Made by the experts group who know our skin best.
  •  Made for the most effective condition of our skin.

How to use:



  • Stop using the product in case of skin abnormalities after use.
  • Use this product right after opening.
  • Avoid using around the eye area.

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