Dr. Jart+ V7™ VitaLaser 2.1


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An intensive vitamin-enriched spot treatment to care especially dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles.

Cleansing Foam- Toner - Emulsion - Serum - VitaLaser 2.1, Pink Toning, Toning Light Brightening Mask

30 ml


  • 7 vitamins that brighten and brighten skin
    A revitalizing treatment ointment infused with a double dose of super-antioxidant V7 vitamin complex to correct dark spots and brighten skin tone.
  • Intensive care for spots and freckles
    This highly saturated, unique ointment delivers a double dose of Dr. Jart's super antioxidant V7 complex of seven essential vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, and E).
  • It is a nutritious, opaque, highly concentrated cream
  • Hypoallergenic derma whitening

Skin Type

Skin Concern

Main Ingredient

  • V7 Complex
    This formula replenishes lost vitamins and nutrients back into skin, and stimulates skin cell turnover by transforming a dry, rough complexion into a healthy, smooth radiance.

How to Use

  1. At the last step of the basic skin care routine, apply an adequate amount onto the area of concern. 
  2. Spread it evenly and lightly pat the skin.

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