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Product Description

Esfolio egg cleansing foam is a very gentle facial cleanser that effectively cleanses the skin and removes all impurities without drying. It is enriched with Milk Extract to lighten and brighten the skin complexion. Your skin will appear clean, soft, fresh and radiant.


Esfolio was founded in 2011 and is part of Esfolio Inc., which also owns sister brands PURE SKIN and RE:OFEesfolio takes pride in its aloe vera skin care products, while also using natural ingredients like goat milk, horse fat and snail slime in its cleansers, toners, masks and lotions. Products are 100% made in Korea and cruelty-free

How to use

Lather a small amount and gently massage onto skin. Rinse off with water and pat dry. Avoid direct contact with eyes. 

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