Farm Stay ESCARGOT Noblesse Intensive Skin Care Set


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Product Description

Farm Stay ESCARGOT Noblesse Intensive Toner-150ml

A face lotion which contains edible snail mucus extract from a clean region, in addition it keeps skin healthy and shiny.

How to use:

After washing face in the morning and evening take appropriate amount and apply on skin.

Farm Stay ESCARGOT Noblesse Intensive Emulsion-150ml

The edible snail mucus extract protects skin and makes it moisturized, bright and clear. It is an eco-friendly emulsion.

How to use:

Right after applying a toner, take suitable amount and spread it all over the face.

Farm Stay ESCARGOT Noblesse Intensive Cream-50gr

-Improves wrinkles (main component Adenosine)

-Supplies nutrition


-Makes skin soft and elastic

How to use:

At the last stage of basic makeup. Take suitable amount and spread all over the face.

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