Hanyul Yuja Ice Sleeping Mask 1 unit


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The Citron Sherbet Cooling™ formulation ­­
Most if not all beauty products completely freeze, when stored around -18°C, which means that we wouldn’t be able to use it at all.­­
However, the Citron Sherbet Cooling™ formulation maintains the original state of the product even around -18°C, at the same time maximized its coolness.
This mask spreads gently onto your skin with the help of soft ice crystals contained in it.

20 ml  


  • The Ice Sleeping Mask does not freeze completely, preventing any skin damage.
  • The Yuja Sherbet Cooling Texture™ cools the skin temperature by 4.5°C without freezing.
  • Salt-ferment green trifoliate orange extract moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture evaporation.
  • Pouch is easy to use in travel and business trip and bag keeps it frozen 


  • All Skin (Especially Sensitive Skin)


  • Dryness
  • Burned Skin


  • Naturally Fermented Yuja Water™
    It is created by maintaining 30 degrees for 10 days. It adds energy to tired skin to replenish vitality. The core of the skin care effect is Naturally fermented Yuja water.
  • Yuja Essential Oil 
    A citrus fragrance that not only relieves skin fatigue, but also comforts the mind, and moisturizes dry skin. So Yuja peel oil, which is squeezed by collecting only the citron peel, brings benefits to the skin and mind.

      HOW TO USE 

      1. Every night, used in the last step of skin care.
      2. Apply on several hot days, as a replacement for cream.
      3. By Hanyul Yuja Face Oil + Hanyul Yuja ICE Sleeping Mask, care your skin in summer night care 
        (after use, please put it in the freezer again)

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