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  • HERA AQUABOLIC ESSENTIAL WATER 30ML- Moisturizing toner comforts skin without any taut feel with essential moisturizing water. It is a toner with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients and essential moisturizing water rich in minerals effectively soothing and moisturizing the skin without feeling dry.

    Anti-dryness solution to help the skin retain moisture

    *Betaine strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier to help it retain moisture and stay moisturized for a long time. Its moist texture is completely absorbed by the skin and leaves it feeling moisturized and comfortable.

         normal and dry skin

         How to use: 

  1. Take an adequate amount after washing the face in the morning and at night, and apply all over the face.
  2. To get a smoother skin texture, soak a cotton pad in the toner and gently pat it against the face.
  • HERA AQUABOLIC ESSENTIAL EMULSION 30ML- Moisturizing lotion gently protects skin with deep moisture and nourishment. It is a deep hydration lotion providing both moisture and nourishment to the dry rough skin, so it can feel moisturized and look glowing again. *Betaine 

         normal and dry skin

         How to use

    • Put a small amount on both cheeks, forehead and chin after using the toner in the morning and at night, and apply by massaging in a circular motion.
    • HERA AQUABOLIC HYDRO-WHIP CREAM 5ML- Highly moisturizing cream strengthening skin moisture along the skin texture with abundant moisturizing ingredients. 

      It is a deep hydration cream with high content of essential moisturizing ingredients providing moisture to the dry, rough skin with weakened skin barrier, while doubled *Betaine

             all skin types

             How to use

      • Put a small amount on both cheeks, forehead and chin after using the toner in the morning and at night, and apply by massaging in a circular motion.

      • HERA AQUABOLIC SLEEPING MASK 10ML - A moisturizing sleeping mask that energizes skin by adding moisture every day. 

        Concentrated content of micro algae found in high-salinity water including the Dead Sea and Pink Lake boosts the moisture energy for clear, healthy and moisturized skin.

        Lipids stabilized in pink capsules burst into moisture upon the skin to protect and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and prevent loss of moisture.

                all skin types

               How to use:

      1. Take an adequate amount after using the essence in the morning and evening and apply all over the face (1-2 times a week).
      2. Gently wipe the face after 15-20 minutes. It is also okay to go to bed without cleansing it.


      • HERA SUN MATE PROTECTOR SPF50+/PA+++ 15ML - A daily sun care product that thoroughly protects the skin against UV rays and environmental irritants to which the skin is exposed 365 days a year in the city to keep the skin young and healthy. It is a triple-function product effective in blocking UV rays, whitening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It treats the visible signs of skin aging and pigmentation resulting from exposure to UV rays to make the skin better. 

      • HERA WHITE PROGRAM DEEP CLEANSING FOAM 15ML - It is a skin brightening cleansing foam that creates smooth creamy textured foam to easily and completely remove dead skin cells and dirt for clear and bright skin. Cellulose beads highly effective in breaking proteins work together with white clay to effectively remove a buildup of dead skin cells and excess sebum and leave the skin looking clear, bright and smooth. Surfactants derived from olive oil leave the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed after cleansing.

               all skin types

               How to use:

      1. Wash the face with lukewarm water and take an adequate amount to make a lather.
      2. As you work up lather, pink cellulose beads break.
      3. Gently cleanse the face like you are massaging it with lather.
      4. Rinse off with lukewarm water and again with cold water.
      • HERA CELL ESSENCE 30ML - CELL ESSENCE is a functional essence that prevents Skin Desertification while delivering moisture deep inside to leave skin clean, clear and flawless.

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