Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing foam 150ml


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Product Description 

Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing Bubble Foam is a skin cleanser with baking soda and massage brush. It effectively removes impurities from the deeper layers of the skin, draws out black spots and reduces enlarged pores.

The composition of the product

  • Baking soda - This is the main active component of the product, which effectively pulls out dirt, toxins, slags and other harmful substances from the pores. Soda well dissolves pollution, soothes irritations, improves the complexion, activates the metabolism and stimulates the immune system.
  • Tea tree extract - This component helps to relieve inflammation, soothe irritations, cleanse the face of harmful bacteria, normalize blood circulation, activate metabolism and stimulate all biological processes in the cells.
  • Witch hazel extract - Witch hazel helps to reduce fat, reduces the release of subcutaneous fat, pulls out black spots and reduces enlarged pores. It also protects the skin from external influences and builds its own protective barriers.

Benefits of using

  • Mild cleansing. The foam does not contain hard abrasive components. It gently pulls the pollution from the pores, gently cleansing the skin and without damaging its structure.
  • Massage. The foam is equipped with a soft brush, which allows not only to effectively cleanse the skin, but also to carry out facial massage. Thanks to this procedure, blood circulation is improved, metabolism is normalized, and all biological processes in cells are activated.
  • Therapeutic effect. Foam helps to eliminate inflammation and redness, destroys harmful viruses and pathogenic bacteria, and also promotes healing of damage.

The foam is available in a white and blue plastic flask. It is equipped with a dosing pump and a silicone brush for facial massage. The tool is protected by a protective cap and sealed in film.

The volume of the product is 150 ml.

How to use

Click on the pump and squeeze a little money into your hands. Spread the foam evenly over your face and massage with a brush. Remove residues with water. Perform the procedure two or three times a week.


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