JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl XL Modeling Mask (1.2kg+120g)


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-1.2kg large capacity home beauty skin care set

- Concentrate skin hydration and calm

- Five hyaluronic acids to moisturize and energize the skin

- Creates a smooth, continuous moisturizing sensation

- Forming a moisturizing protective film on the skin

- Mix 1 dose and 2 doses for easy and simple use

- Attach a practical soft film powder tool Easy to do professional beauty salon All-in-One treatment at home. With 5 weights of hyaluronic acid, create a prescription for soothing calming of water. Specially designed for the left water shortage, dry skin and sensitive. Replenishing water can reduce other skin problems. Leaves skin hydrated & healthy.

How to use

When mixing a soft film, you can use the attached cup to get the perfect amount. No Need to measure the amount of soft film powder with water, super convenient. After mixing the "base gel" with the "soft film powder" in a ratio of 10:1, Evenly apply the face for 10~15 minutes. After the mask is solidified, peel off from the bottom to the top. The remaining essence is just waiting for natural absorption.

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