Missha 3 Step Lifting Mask Collagen

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Product Description

  1. Air pocket sheet densely delivers active ingredients to the skin. The fine air pocket sheet containing moisturizing essence effectively helps deliver active ingredients to the skin.


    Perfect skincare with just one sheet! The all-in-one mask pack consisting of essence, mask and cream helps provide intensive care to the skin anytime and anywhere, with just one sheet.
  3. Intensive elasticity care with collagen that tightens up sagging skin. It helps make the skin elastic and smooth by improving the elasticity of skin with collagen which is a natural component of the skin.

* Intensive elasticity care with collagen that tightens up sagging skin

expires on 2021/04/24

    How to use

    1. Apply essence: Moisture and abundant nutrition.

    2. Sheet Mask: Leave it 20-30 minutes. It transports active ingredients deep into the skin.

    3. Cream: Forms protection shield and keeps active ingredients deep inside the skin.

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