Missha 3 Step Whitening Mask Vitamin C


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Product Description

  1. Air pocket sheet densely delivers active ingredients to the skin. The fine air pocket sheet containing moisturizing essence effectively helps deliver active ingredients to the skin.


    Perfect skincare with just one sheet! The all-in-one mask pack consisting of essence, mask and cream helps provide intensive care to the skin anytime and anywhere, with just one sheet.
  3. Intensive whitening care with vitamin C that brightens the skin.The ingredient of vitamin C helps even skin tone out and brighten the skin.

    All-in-one sheet containing essence, mask and cream provides intensive care to the skin anytime.

    • Vitamin C with enhanced whitening effect.
    • Great for sensitive skin.

    How to use

    Step 1: Peeling Gel removes old skincells and impurities.

    Step 2: Essence- double synergy whitening essence helps increasing effect of products before using sheet mask.

    Step 3: Sheet mask for intense Whitening Care makes skin bright.

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