ROYAL SKIN PRIME EDITION Brightening Bio Cellulose Mask-1 unit


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The secret of transparent and moist skin! Adding brilliant energy to tired skin transparent contact mask.

  • Bio Cellulose Mask by “Fermentation science” 

Bio cellulose: Cellulose attained through microorganism cultivation. High molecule natural oriented sheet developed through large quantity cultivation technique by fermenting coconut fruit water and acetobacter xylinum. * Acetobacter xylinum : Microorganism in the same structure as cellulose that composes of cell walls of plants

  • Natural Dyeing Using Gardenia Extract 

Gardenia fruits contain 3 types of pigments (carotenoids, iridoids, flavonoids) There are red, blue, and yellow, each has different method of extract.

  1. Good coloring and beautiful color.
  2. Often used as natural pigments due to long lasting coloring
  3. High stability
  4. Good lightfast, heat-resistance
  5. Stable at metallicion, pH change


  1. Bio Cellulose made by fermenting coconut water is comfortably adheres to the face embracingly more clear and clean skin giving rich moisture.
  2. Propolis extract cares bright skin along with skin nutrition supply, and vitamin peptide and white flower complex cares exhausted skin clear and healthy.
  3. Essence colored yellow with gardenia fruits is naturally absorbed into the bio cellulose sheet giving refreshing and bright sensation.

How to Use

Open the pouch, remove the one of the covers attached to the both sides of sheet and apply it to the face.

After attaching it to the skin thoroughly, remove the other cover.

After taking a rest for 10~20 mins, remove the sheet. Tap the remaining essence gently to make it absorbed to the skin. 

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