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 Main Effect  

  • High-content effect
  • Make-up booster
  • Skin soothing
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Whitening


  • 7-kind hyaluronic acid fulfills moisture from the deep core of the skin and by forming barrier, extreme-moisturizing for long time
  • Smooth texture, superior absorption, and moisturized texture with less oil
  • Mineral balances PH concentration within body and help soothing skin and emitting body waste
  • Magnesium:Kalium:Calcium Mineral ratio of 3:1:1 same as human body boosts internal absorption and keeps high absorption rate
  • Extreme moisturizing moisturized containing 71% of deep sea water from Ulleungdo and 21 kinds of nature oriented extract
  • ECO CERT certified product use / Include 3 kinds of patent ingredients
  • Double function, wrinkle and whitening


[ 4 In-Depth Solutions_For a younger skin! ]

H7 cream

Deeper! Denser! Septuple Moisturizing New Technology

A septuple Moisturizing Barrier that deeply fills from Ultra-Low Molecules to High Molecules inside the skin

H7 cream

Achieve a younger face Through Skin Elasticity&Whitening!

Get skin elasticity, anti-oxidation and whitening at the same time With our 2 patented ingredients consisting only of natural ingredients!

H7 cream

A Deep Healing to the tired skin due to fine dust&make-up

The BSASM that is made from the extraction of natural ingredients Such as Tea Plant, Licorice and more, rapidly calms the damaged skin!

H7 cream

Full of Minerals! Deep Sea Water from Ulleungdo Island!

Deep Sea Water has a Mineral BALANCE that is the most similar to the human body with a 3:1:1 mineral ratio of which can be quickly absorbed in to the skin.

H7 cream

[ Septuple Moisturizing New Technology ]

A Septuple Moisturizing Barrier deep inside the skin with its 7 Molecules.

  • The 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid fills in from the deepest layer of the skin and creates a barrier so that it can maintain the optimum moisture for a prolonged time.
somebymi H7 cream

[ Dual Functionality Point ]

Be Brighter! Be Elastic! With our Dual Functionality Wrinkle Improvement and Whitening Effect!

  • We're been certified for dual functionality as the Adenosine is effective on wrinkle improvement And the Niacinamide blocks the formation of melanin thus making the skin brighter.

[ Skin Soothing Ingredients ]

H7 cream

[ Younger Skin ]

  • Neba Neba Complex (→ Patented ingredients that give skin moisturizing, elasticity, whitening and anti-oxidant effects, a mucilage composed only of purely natural ingredients such as Natto, Okra, Lotus Root, Moroheiya, Kelp and Yam.)
  • Oriental Tea Complex (→ Patented ingredients that give skin nutrition, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory effects composed only of natural ingredients such as Persimmon Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Mugwort Tea, Quince Tea and Green Tea.

The result of good ingresients from pure nature!

Achieve a younger skin through our patented ingredients for wrinkle improvement!

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