SUM37 Flawless Special Gift 5 Kit


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  • Flawless Regenerating Toner 20ml
    This essential toner awakens dull skin and moisturized it with fresh finishing touch. This makes your skin flawless and full of energies.
  • Flawless Regenerating Emulsion 20ml
    This nutrient lotion provides basic nutrients to dull skin and maintains it moist and flawless.
  • Flawless Regenerating Essence 10ml
    This nutrient serum with sticky texture gives ample fermented nutrients to dull skin, making it again full of energies and flawless.
  • Flawless Regenerating Cream 7ml
    This nutrient cream with its sticky texture resolves complex skin problems and conveys vitality of fermentation. The cream covers tight your fragile and dull skin and maintains it flawless.
  • Flawless Regenerating Eye Cream 4ml
    Fermented ingredients of this highly concentrated eyecream softly cover fragile and delicate eye area skin, which becomes easily even from the slightest stimulants.

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