THE FACE SHOP Pastel Cushion Blusher 5g


Color: #1 Rose
Sale price$8.80


Product Description

This fine powdered blush will last long and blend in very well with your make up. 

Also helps to have a bright and youthful skin. 

#1 Rose Cushion Lovely ME:EX

#3 Plum Cushion Lovely ME:EX

#4 Pink Cushion Lovely ME:EX

#5 Peach Cushion Lovely ME:EX


THE FACE SHOP is a beauty destination offering a wide range of affordable high quality products born from botany. No matter the skin type you have or the results you are looking for from your beauty ritual, we ensure you will find exactly what you need. Committed to offering a wide selection of high-end cosmetics based on customer needs, THE FACE SHOP blends science and nature to meet all your beauty needs and enhance every woman’s natural beauty. Made with the finest active plants, THE FACE SHOP makes enhancing and protecting beauty like second nature.

At THE FACE SHOP you will find the best product for each step of your beauty ritual: masks, skin care, makeup and body care. With over 20 collections of cosmetic products, you are sure to better your natural beauty.

How to use:

Apply on the cheeks with lovely puff.

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