Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Body Butter


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# Body moisturizing with butter and oil blending all day!

Egg Mellow Body Butter is a perfect blend of egg, butter, and oil to provide the ultimate in moisture for the body.


Special Feature

  • Oil in butter texture
    Soft butter spread type like blending oil to butter
  • 100˚C steam blending method
    Instantly dissolve the oil component in the butter to maximize the moisturizing effect.

    Skin Type

    • Dry Skin

    Skin Concern

    • Dryness

    Key Ingredients

    • Egg yolk extract, egg white extract
      Nourish and hydrate.
    • Shea butter
      Nourish and hydrate.
    • Seven different moisturizing oils
      Form a protective barrier on skin for lasting moisture retention.

      Formulated Without

      • Paraben
      • Mineral Oil
      • Sulfate

      How to use

      1. After shower, take an appropriate amount, apply onto dry skin and disperse evenly to wherever it is needed.

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