Wellage Real Cica Clear Capsule One Day Kit (10 days)


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Enriched ampoule with Cica Green Complex and 7 plant extracts effective for skin vitality to calm sensitive skin.
Hich Cica content hyaluronic acid and Cica Green Complex come together to create a strong calming effect on delicate and sensitive skin.

Real Cica Clear Bio Capsule 15mg x 10.
Real Cica Clear Calming Solution 1ml x 10.

How To Use

  1. After cleansing, tone your skin with a skin toner.
  2. Open 1 capsule of the blue solution and take a sufficient amount for the entire face.
  3. Apply the liquid on the skin and evenly smooth to allow absorption.
  4. Finish the skincare routine or apply a face lotion or cream if you have dry skin type.
    - Volume : 1pack- 10 pieces


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