Wonjin Effect Medi Energy Infusion Eye Mask


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The Medi Energy Infusion Eye Mask is a bouncy hydrogel patch mask with cooling effect formulated with energy complex and vitamins. Will make your skin around eyes energized and beautifu. No more dull and tired looking under-eye skin!

  • ENERGY AND VITALITY with PEPTIDE COMPLEX - Peptide complex system highly revitalizes skin and gives it energy, stimulates collagen synthesisand supplies nutrients, making skin healthy and full of energy.
  • STRONGER PROTECTIVE SKIN BARRIER with AMINO ACID COMPLEX- Combination of 17 amino acids strengthen skin barrier to reduce the loss of nutrients, making skin plump and elastic.
  • pH BALANCE with MINERAL WATER - Mineral-rich peat water, glacier water and deep sea water used as the base, help to maintain skin pH balance, gives skin vitality and makes it elastic and lively.
  • Skin relief with MultiEx BSASM ® - MulitEx BSASM ® with 7 natural plant extracts brings a relief to irritated and stressed skin and strengthen skin protective barrier.
  • Moisture boost on all skin layers with 7 HYALURONIC ACIDS - 7 Hyaluronic Acids with different molecule size effectively delivers moisture to all skin layers. Thanks to excellent water retention ability and quick absorption, immediately hydrates dry skin around the eyes 

    90 g / 60 each

    How to use

    After cleansing, and smoothing skin out with toner, apply gel patch mask to desired area. Remove patch mask after 20- 30 minutes and pat in remaining essence

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