Wonjin Effect Medi Hydro Vial Eye Mask


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The Medi Hydro Vial Eye Mask is a bouncy hydrogel patch mask with cooling effect formulated to provide concentrated hydrating, brightening, and firming eye care.

  • 7 HYALURONIC ACIDS - 7 different molecule size Hyaluronic Acids effectively delivers moisture to all skin layers. Excellent water retention ability and quick absorption immediately hydrates dry skin around the eyes.
  • PERFECT MOISTURE™ - Moisture COMPLEX with glycacid ECO, white mushroom, shitake mushroom with excellent hydrating properties immediately moisturizes skin, helps with water retention and collagen synthesis to make skin elastic and plump.
  • ELASTIC SKIN WITH SK-COLLAGEN - SK-COLLAGEN, called Marine Collagen, was discovered to have same qualities as collagen in human skin and in hydrolyzed form it is absorbed quickly deep into the skin. SK-COLLAGEN gives skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles, making skin tight and bouncy.
  • STRENGTHENED SKIN BARRIER WITH AQUAXYL - Aquaxyl is an ingredient used by WONJIN in the procedure of water retention capacity enhancement. It strengthens skin protective barrier and helps to reduce moisture loss, improving water retention capacity to maintain skin moisture. Aquaxyl helps to tighten skin structure to hold moisture, giving the effect of dense, plump skin.
  • SKIN MOISTURE WITH ALOE VERA - Aloe Vera leaf extract soothes skin, irritated by external stimuli and make it healthier. With its excellent hydration properties, it helps to maintain well-moisturized. clear and bright skin.

    90 g / 60 each

    How to use

    After cleansing, and smoothing skin out with toner, apply gel patch mask to desired area. Remove patch mask after 20- 30 minutes and pat in remaining essence.aew

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