LABnPEOPLE Snow2+ Mela Snow micro needle patches review by @geminis_library

Sharing my experience about the @labnpeople Snow2+ Mela Snow ❄️ sent over by @goryeocosmetics, a Calgary based company that ship Kbeauty all across Canada and all over the world 🌎.
This product is my first venture into microneedle type products.
The box contains :
1x Mela Snow Ampoule
2x Intensive Micro Carrier -Mela Care (1pair/each)
2x After Care Eye Mask(1 pair/each)
Their functionality is for whitening (brightening) & wrinkle improvement care.
You get 2 treatments in 1 box.

Some notable ingredients both the ampoule and eye ask contains are niacinamide and tranexamic acid.

Unlike other microneedle treatment in the market,these patches are made of magnesium. You'll see that the needles are very fine and the patch is flexible . The hydrocolloid layer is adhesive and help hold them in place.
The patches were more comfortable than I expected. 🧐 You do sense the microneedle pricking your skin a little but the whole process wasn't painful at all.
The patches were easy and painless to take off after wearing for ~ 30minutes. It did not left any marks on my skin .I was surprised πŸ˜―πŸ‘Œ

After this step, I apply the the
after care eye mask that I leave on for ~20mins . The area were I wore the patches earlier didn't burn nor did I felt any discomfort.
After all these steps,I didn't have any issue finishing the rest of my routine.
In term of results, it's too early to say much. I think you'll probably need to use this regularly to see improvement.
Though experience wise,this was quite unique and innovative.
Thank you @goryeocosmetics for giving me the chance to try this innovative product.πŸ₯°LABnPEOPLE micro needle patch

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