The Lotus Revitalizing Cream

The Lotus Revitalizing cream is
one of the new products that we sell in our store.
It contains:
🌸Lotus Leaf Extract, which is excellent in purifying action.
🌸Red-wood evergreen oak Extract, the patented ingredient for anti-oxidant action.
🌸Adenosine ingredient, it delivers vitalizing energy to the tired skin with less firmness and helps to reinforce skin barriers.
🌸Betaine containing a natural moisturizing factor and amino acids fills moisture deep in the skin and helps to create a moisturizing layer in order to cultivate a glowing and moist skin.
What we think about the cream:
Lately I decided to test this cream on my super sensitive skin, cause ai had redness and some acne problem. An effect is amazing, after 2 days only, irritation is gone and acne reduced, but the main WOW is the feeling of my skin! It deeply moisturized my skin, I feel the firming effect and my skin looks so healthy now⭐️
I would recommend this cream to all skin types especially to dry and sensitive, works amazing!👍
Since the texture is buttery, one thin layer would be enough for morning routine and for evening I would add more than one layers!
Thank you, @thepurelotus for this amazing cream🥰

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